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Kite Surfing School

We have partnered with the best Kitesurfing schools and instructors in the country, all based in this well known Kitesurfing region. Come take a class with us, we have several Lesson Packs to choose from for all Kitesurfing levels.

Kitesurfing is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. Kalpitiya is the perfect place for Kitesurfing with the trade winds, shallow blue lagoon waters or the Indian Ocean waters on the other side of the sand bank and soft sand beaches make the learning process easy and enjoyable.

Divyaa’s partner Kitesurfing School in Dutch Bay Kalpitiya offers a variety of classes, from beginner to expert level lessons in Kitesurfing and wind surfing.

Divyaa kite surfing

Classes are taught by local pros who are IKO and ISA certified and insured to guarantee safety and quality. Kalpitiya Kite surfing School has been teaching since 2011 with many students a year taking lessons. We use the latest Naish Sigma kites with Naish and Nobile boards so the equipment is always fresh and safe. Located between in front of the Kite Surfing Hot Spot in Sri Lanka on the lagoon and the sea, we are easily accessible. Just look for the Divyaa flags on the beach. To contact us go to the Contact icon on top or call us at + 94 11 566 6262 or the hotel direct on +94 32 510 0066 Learn to Kitesurf at Divyaa Lagoon in Kalpitiya and enjoy your vacation Kitestyle.


Divyaa Kitesurfing School uses and sells only the most highly engineered Kiteboarding equipment. For lessons and kite camps we provide students with kites, lines, bars, boards and harnesses from the industry’s best: North, Sean Ordonez, Dakine, and Hooley.


We are based in Sri Lanka’s Kite Surf Hot Spot in Dutch Bay, Kalpitiya. Divyaa Kite surfing’s instructors travel the world to bring you expert kitesurfing instruction for your local conditions to get you riding quickly and safely.

Divyaa Kite Surfing

Kitesurfing Lessons

Divyaa Resort Kite Camps

A two day, 6 hours a day intensive kitesurfing camp on Divyaa Resort, takes you through all Ground School and Water Time skills. The camp program is offered to groups with a minimum of 2 people per camp, max of 4, but special arrangements can be made. All you need to do is make a reservation, and show up on the dock in Divyaa Resort and we will take care of the rest. All equipment is provided. Bring: sunblock, sunglasses, rash guard, bathing suit, jacket, shorts, shoes, and your personal kite gear if you have already purchased it.

Ground School

A land course covering all the kite flying fundamentals: rigging, line management, tuning, safety and kite flying techniques. You will gain a clear understanding of kitesurfing and the power zone (aka the BOX). Note: Spend as much time as possible flying your kite on land before you attempt your water lesson. You will get much more out of your water experience if your kite flying skills become second nature. Be patient and do your homework before getting in the water! Bring: sunblock, sunglasses, and shoes. 3 hours $230.

Water time

After successfully completing the ground school and spending several hours flying your own kite in a light breeze (under 10 knots), it’s time to hit the water! We’ll focus on the essentials of what it takes to get you kitesurfing! Body dragging, water starting, board riding, re-launching the kite in the water and self-rescue will be covered. Note: Kitesurfing is not a sport that can be learned in one lesson. Several hours of practice are needed to master this exciting sport. Bring: wetsuit and booties (if needed) and waterproof beach shoes or sandals. 4-5 hours $385

Kite Tuning Session

A one hour session for kitesurfing students who have purchased their own equipment and need technical assistance. One of our expert instructors will set up, tune and dial in your equipment with you. We’ll get you up and riding hassle free. Note: An incorrectly tuned kite can be very dangerous and most new kiters don’t fully understand the importance of having correctly tuned up equipment. It makes all the difference in the world and equipment doesn’t always come correctly set up from the manufacturer. Bring: sunblock, sunglasses, and shoes or sandals. 1 hour $100

Flight School

We’ll get your upwind skills perfected, your jumps happening, and help you on your first aerial moves. Whatever your skills, consider a private coaching session that will get you to the next level in your Kitesurfing. Most times, it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference to your kiting experience. Bring: your kiting gear, sunblock. Per Hour $150.


Divyaa Kitesurfing provides all equipment needed to complete ground school and water time kitesurfing class. We use top of the line, state of the art North, Flexifoil and Hooley USA Kitesurfing Equipment. Bring: sunblock, sunglasses, and shoes or sandals.

Corporate Adventure

Divyaa Kite Surfing

Whether you’re looking for an effective team building experience or a hassle-free day to relax and enjoy the outdoors with your co-workers, Divyaa Kite Centre has the program for you! Are co-workers getting on each others’ nerves, need a break from the office, come visit our office and build teamwork and togetherness among your staff. We facilitate experiences that create the opportunity for employees to transform the way they work with one another. Your team will be led through an unforgettable ocean experience. You will be fully engaged in a process that will stretch your perception of what is possible for yourself and your company. In an era where new ways to motivate and reward your staff is hard to find, you can distinguish yourself and your company in a unique team building adventure. Your business depends on the good people you hired, don’t pacify them with a standard night out. Do something worthwhile that will make your employees feel appreciated!

We offer team building events that range from a few hours, a full day, a weekend trip. Call for pricing and details.