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Divyaa Kiteboading Club

Kiteboading Club already exists since 5 years. The founded by Divyaa Lagoon Resortsdivyaa-club after the discovery of the Kite surf hot spot opposite its Hotel on the lagoon beach in Dutch Bay Kalpitiya. Divyaa started the facility to provide kite surf enthusiasts guests of the hotel.

The maxim was and still is a sustainable way of teaching in an environment of motivated employees, who embrace the idea of Kite Boarding Club and who share the joy of teaching this amazing sport.

Kite Boarding Club center opens only in a spot which is absolutely ideal for kite surfing. We follow the high standards of quality of our guests and deliver peak performance in teaching, kite gear rental and service. We take care of our guests – nobody must leave a center unhappy.

In addition, the Kiteboading Club comes with its own travel agency, which offers advice for tourists and organizes flights and accommodation.


2011 Divyaa Lagoon Resort founds the first kite center of Divyaa Kite Club located at Divyaa Lagoon Dutch Bay Kalpitiya in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka. In July 2012 Divyaa Lagoon Resorts in partnership with Red Bull hosted the first ever Kite Festival in Sri Lanka at the Kalpitiya Lagoon Kite Hot Spot where 60 kite surfers from the world cities participated. Divyaa Lagoon Kalpitiya over the years becomes a very popular kite surf destination due to its key success factors: good wind and a shallow bay, protected by a sand bank – ideal teaching conditions. Divyaa philosophy of a sustainable way of teaching increases the reputation of the centerand the numbers significantly.

Target Group

The typical Kite Boarding Club guest is aged between 20 and 45 years. Most of them are better off financially and of a higher educational level. They work hard and earn good money in their jobs. Their spare time is limited, usually only around 2-5 holidays per year. Therefore they want to spend their holidays in a perfect environment and at places with a high quality of service.

Our clients trust the brand Kite Boarding Club and visit our kite centers up to 2-3 times a year. The close by destinations are being visited even more often, almost every weekend during the season.

They mainly come from Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Great Brittan, Belgium, Scandinavia, France, Russia and Poland.

Kitesurf the Kalpitiya Lagoon at Divyaa


The Kite centre is set in the beautiful Kalpitiya Lagoon located right in the shore of Divyaa Lagoon Resort


Basic, advanced, individual courses, training, rental and storage


Upon request.

Kite Instructor

1 kite instructor (depending on the season)


The kitesurf centre is open all season. The best season for kitesurfing is from mid May to end October and December to mid February.

The kitesurf center is located along a wide lagoon that borders a sand spit that runs along the ocean shore on the other side. With Divyaa Lagoon, you are literally a minute from the best spot for kitesurfing in the entire north-west region of Kalpitiya where all other schools come to practice.


The kitecenter provides a one kilometer wide sandy private beach, a rescue boat, launch – and landing – service, sun terrace with free sunbeds, showers, toilets, kite wash, free wifi, guest computer, volleyball, carom, free snorkeling gear, bar and restaurant.